45 RPM Record Spindle Adapter Service V-M & RCA

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45 RPM Record Spindle Adapter Service V-M & RCA

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These adapters fit over the record spindles of many Voice of Music
manufactured record changers, and some mid-1950's RCA
record changers, such as the RP-205.

Old lubrication and dirt can inhibit function of these.
Here is an exploded view diagram and some how-to
instructions on dis-assembly and cleaning of these
adapters. Credit to Mr. Green on another forum, who
tackled the task, and was kind enough to write down
how he did it.

"V-M 45 Adapter Dis-assembly for Cleaning:

"The first thing is to very carefully remove the star retaining ring on the bottom, which is #130 in the diagram.

Use one hand to relieve the spring pressure on it by pulling up (or down depending on your view) on the lower third of the adapter (127).

With the other hand, use a small screwdriver to slightly pry up the washer tabs, working your way around the circumference.

Don't actually bend these tabs--you just want to pry them back a tiny amount so the ring can slide up and off.

After the ring is off, you'll be able to pull off that bottom third of the adapter.
Be careful not to lose the the paper washer (126); it will be hidden in the grease on that end of 127.

Next, unscrew 125 (x2) and separate 124 from 131, i.e. the other two thirds of the adapter.

My photo shows how 119 through 123 should be installed, though I recommend taking a photo yourself before taking them out.

Watch out: There are four small springs holding everything together, and it's easy to lose one.
I cleaned everything in this section with isopropyl, especially 121 and the little well that its shaft rests in.
No lube here IMO.
I tried a tiny bit on the shaft of 121 and that created too much friction for it to swing freely.

The only areas I applied some grease to (after cleaning off the old) was at the contact points between 124 and 127.
Thoroughly clean the paper washer (126) too.

Otherwise, it's reassembly in reverse order.

The star retaining ring (130) will need to be pushed back on until it seats in the original position."
V-M 45 Adapter Exploded View.png
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Re: 45 RPM Record Spindle Adapter Service V-M & RCA

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Thank you for posting this, Mr. Mogul. This information is sure to help somebody with their project.
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