Testing transistors

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Testing transistors

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I found this video and thought somebody might get some good from it. Testing transistors.

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Re: Testing transistors

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Thanks Greg for this.
I wanted to learn at least some basics on
SS amp repair (simple ones that is).
And there are other SS videos that come up
on the side bar of the video !

I'm out of commission with an injured R arm,
which I hope is only a real bad muscle or
tendon sprain. The joys of getting older.
To the Orthopod manana for a check out.
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Re: Testing transistors

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Interesting video, Greg, Thanks!

Sorry to hear you are laid up, Mogul. I hope it's nothing serious.

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Re: Testing transistors

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Learned a lot from that video, thanks!
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Re: Testing transistors

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I may be pointing out the obvious but any analog old-school meter with at least a 1.5 volt battery is sufficient to test either a Germanium or Silicon junction.

A Simpson model 260 affords a prime teaching example on how a transistor works. Although a a well-known indestructible, a must-carry diagnostic tool for multiple tradesmen, a 260's more accurate counterparts like VTVMs and DMMs can also test transistors on the resistance and if equipped, solid state/diode/transistor junction test.

The beep is very accurate on this one when you have an shorted junction. I have this, and these do a fine job of weeding out failed transistors as well as measuring power supply voltages

https://www.ebay.com/itm/163708730656?c ... e1c14f888f
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