Radio Handbook 16th Ed. 1962

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Radio Handbook 16th Ed. 1962

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This series of handbooks were by William (Bill) Ittner Orr
starting in the 1930's.

This book from my quick overview looks to deftly address the
basics and more of electronics: tube and transitor circuits.

I hope it will be of use to beginners and more experienced

The handbook will be added to downloads Literature.

I really wish I had 20 extra years to read and learn
from these great people who taught many about
A nice article from The American Radio Relay League below. ... ichols.pdf
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Re: Radio Handbook 16th Ed. 1962

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Thanks, Mr. Mogul. Lots of interesting reading there! :D
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Re: Radio Handbook 16th Ed. 1962

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Nice piece on Mr. Orr.

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Re: Radio Handbook 16th Ed. 1962

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Ah, not so fast there...

The first edition of The Radio Handbook (aka the west coast handbook) was published in 1935, by the staff of Radio magazine.
It was published somewhat annually, with inclusions of several editors.

It was a 'foil' to the ARRL handbook, as it had no League data, just radio and audio projects with features by notable pioneers of the art. It is interesting that the ARRL would even mention their 3/4 century of competitor.

I have all the issues up to the 16th edition, where the inroads of solid-state made it's way into ham radio. From then on, I have no use for that tech. 8-)

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