Work Sharp Ken Onion Mk.2

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Work Sharp Ken Onion Mk.2

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I place a high value on a sharp knife. My relatives won't borrow any of my cutlery. Their choice, not mine. :D I like them sharp but it has always been a difficult task in getting them the way I want them. I found a sharpener as mentioned in the title as an open box deal for a good price on Ebay. It's something I'd always wanted, but most other things made demands on my budget that didn't leave room for one. When I made the purchase, I found a decent weight kitchen knife at the thrift store that had had a hollow ground edge and it looked like someone had dragged it through one of those metal v notch sharpeners at different blade angles each time, then finished the edge off by trying to slice a length of pipe in two. It was a perfect stage dagger. After a read through the instructions, I put an abrasive belt in the sharpener, set the edge angle to 20 degrees and began to sharpen it. It took about 10 passes per side and it drew it down to a nice edge. I won't say a factory edge, as most new knives I've bought have not as fine an edge as I like. I set it up with a honing belt and finished the edge. I used the knife then to prepare my artichokes for cooking. It would have taken me a few hours to get nearly this quality of sharpness. It is supposed to do as well with pocket knives, scissors and garden shears and edged tools. This unit is worth the money.
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Re: Work Sharp Ken Onion Mk.2

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The only thing a dull knife will cut is you..... ;)

My wife gripes about dull knives. Her dad could sharpen a 2X4 so you could shave with it. He had a strop like they used in barber shops. I don't think we have owned a really sharp knife since he passed.... ;)
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